Thursday, August 9, 2012

Africa Journal - Entry Three

Prior to our afternoon game drive in Chobe National Park, we had our daily, Learning and Discovery event.  Two ladies from a nearby village came and gave a basket weaving demonstration.  They showed us the plants they used for dyes and how they wove their baskets.  They also brought a table full of baskets, made by them and other ladies in their village, for us to purchase, if we chose to do so.  I bought 2 woven bracelets for my 13 year old granddaughter, a basket with a lid as a birthday gift for a friend and a woven plate for myself.

Our sundowners game drive brought more sightings of amazing animals.   







African Buffalo


This Baobab tree clearly shows the damage done to these trees by elephants.  Eventually, the lower trunk will so weaken that the tree becomes top heavy and will fall over.  This tree is not dead.  It was late fall there and it had lost its leaves for the season.

And, the most amazing sunset....just like nearly every picture you have ever seen of Africa.  What a beautiful way to end a wonderful day.

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