Friday, March 7, 2014

Here I Am Again

Well, it's been a long time since I've blogged on this site……Nov. of 2012 to be exact, and truthfully, I haven't blogged much on Muzenews, either, except for participating in Picture Perfect nearly every week.  I never felt really comfortable with this site and how it functioned and felt that the new Muzenews site operated more in the way Multiply did.

But now, .ning will be moving to a new platform and as such, it will be more expensive for the administrator to continue supporting Muzenews on her own dime, so once the transition is made, users will have to pay $25.00 per year to use the site.  I know that isn't a huge amount of money, but I have a problem with having to pay in order to blog, especially with how seldom I blog anymore, so it looks like after the transition over there takes place, this will be where I'll be blogging, every now and then.

The thing is, I spend most of my social networking time on Facebook and many of my connections from Multiply and even going back to the 360 days are there, too.  So blogging on a regular basis has taken a back seat for me.  But, I do want to keep open the option to blog, if I get the urge to do so, so I guess I'll be popping over here more frequently.  I still don't think this site is as user friendly as it was over on Multiply and then on Muzenews, but I guess, with time, if I begin to use this site more often, and become more familiar with it, it will begin to make sense to me.  Time will tell.